Medium Term



A wide range of coloured gloss polymeric films offering high conformability on extremely curved surfaces. Designed to satisfy sign-makers needs, they are ideal for long-term outdoor signage, in particular for vehicle livery.

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Face material:

60 μ polymeric vinyl - 7 years outdoor durability*.


Acrylic permanent adhesive featuring high clarity and very high cohesion. The excellent water resistance allows wet application of the material.


120 g/m2 white kraft paper that offers superior cuttability with conventional die-cutting and computer sign making systems.

Temperature range:

Application: +10°C / +40°C; Operating: -20°C / +75°C.

Other properties:

Resistance to UV light, seawater, oils, hydrocarbons and gasoline. Flammability: self extinguishing.

Standard roll size:

1.22 m x 50 m

*Durability is given in good faith based on simulated weathering tests and real life vertical exposure in non-extreme mid-European conditions.